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Clearwater 1KG Chlorine Granuals


Clearwater 1KG Chlorine Granules are perfect for providing a daily dosage to your swimming pool to maintain a healthy swimming environment.  Stabilised chlorine granules disinfect pool water.  Extremely effective and a low cost way to kill bacteria & harmful organisms.  Rapid dissolve tablets – simple to apply.  Daily dosage maintains consistently clean & healthy water.

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Bestway® Clearwater™ 1kg Chlorine Granules are perfect for giving pool water a daily dosage and maintaining a healthy swimming environment. The cleaning granules produce free active chlorine (FAC), which slays beastly bacteria and beats harmful organisms into submission.

The chlorine treatment is easy to apply and, because it has minimal impact on the water’s pH levels, makes maintaining a pool incredibly simple. If water temperature exceeds 20°C then the recommended amount of chlorine solution can be poured straight into a pool. Best of all, because they rapidly dissolve in a pool, you don’t even have to wait around for hours wasting valuable swimming time! If water temperature is below 20°C then the swimming pool chlorine granules should be dissolved in a plastic container of water before application. Again, this is an extremely simple method and, whatever way you apply the granules, you’ll be swimming in a bacteria-free pool in no time at all! As with all chemical products, time should be taken carefully read through instructions and warnings. Thankfully the container of 1kg Chlorine Granules is printed with guidelines and cautionary information.

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