Lakewood Reclining Armchair – White / Reflex Black


The Lakewood garden furniture range are an aluminum styled european look outdoor garden furniture range. The reclining garden chair can also be purchased with the 3 seater garden sofa also from the Lakewood range to make a set.


Lakewood Adjustable Lounge Chair – White & Reflex Black

The Lakewood adjustable lounge chair is a wonderful addition to the Lakewood lounge set. The lounge chair is made of aluminum and requires little maintenance. One unique part about this garden chair is that it has a reclining feature, this allows you to enjoy optimal comfort and relax completely in this outdoor seat.

Materials in the Lakewood Adjustable Lounge Chair

The Lakewood adjustable lounge chair has an aluminum frame with a white powder coating, this coating ensures that the frame is scratch and impact resistant. Aluminum has the advantage that it is lightweight, this makes the adjustable lounge chair easy to move. The included lounge cushions feel comfortable and are made of high quality polyester. The cushion covers are detachable and come in the color: Reflex Black. If the covers have become dirty, you can wash them by hand. The lounge cushions from the Lakewood garden furniture range are not water-resistant, so we recommend storing them in a dry and ventilated place after use, such as one of our cushion storage boxes. However, the cushions are provided with a water-repellent coating so If there is any mess due to spillage, you can wipe it off.

The Eazy Direct Lakewood adjustable lounge chair is delivered assembled. Thanks to the adjustable legs, you can easily level the lounge chair to sit on surfaces that are comopletely level.



Additional information

Dimensions 97 × 90 × 78 cm

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