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Lay-Z Spa Round Surround


The Lay-Z-Spa Surround is a cost effective, value for money Inflatable Spa Surround. It enhances your spa experience. It is sturdy and has excellent durability. Made out of TriTech Material It is easily inflatable with Velcro which connects into a circle when purchased with additional surrounds. The surround is perfect for relaxing and drying off after a spa session.

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Category: Accessories
Tags: Lay-Z Spa, Lazy Spa, Spa Accessories

The Lay-Z-Spa Surround offers a range of functions to enhance your spa experience. Easily inflatable with your spa pump or an air pump, the surround is formed from the same TriTech reinforced material as a number of our premium spas. This, in addition to its I-Beam construction, provides the surround with excellent durability and sturdiness. This makes for an extra portable spa surround as you can inflate and deflate your surround as many times as you like without worrying about a loss of shape.

The surround is great for relaxing on and drying off after a spa session as well as for storing towels and other items. Three surrounds can be linked via their Velcro connection, forming a ring around your spa (requires purchase of additional surrounds). Alternatively, the surround could be linked to the Lay-Z-Spa step in order to create staggered access to your spa for those who may need a little extra accessibility.

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