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Waterwall – Bestway


Helps kids develop key cognitive and motor skills
Made from sustainably sourced woods
Hundreds of combinations mean that kids will always have a new way to play
Simple assembly and Modular pieces are a great way for kids to learn how to create through play
Allows kids to harness their creativity and let their imaginations run wild
Length – 86.00cm
Width – 59.00cm
Height – 104.00cm

Category: Kids Toys
Tags: Bestway, Garden Pool, kid

Teaching kids valuable lessons through the art of play, Water Wall is the perfect companion that gets kids outside and away from the screen.
Kids will learn about gravity, angles and water flow, creating limitless combinations for water to flow as they build unique streams of water.
With a range of modular accessories included, kids can have fun creating their own water flows and seeing their problem-solving skills come to life as they pour water from the top.

Designed for all-year round use, the wall uses weatherproof, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring it will be ready to use at a moment’s notice and compliments any outdoor space.

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