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XOOTZ Comet Electric Go Kart


2 powerful 200W motors for speeds of up to 16km/h
Super-grip EVA front wheels and hardened plastic rear wheels for drifting
2 driver modes, automatic brake and reverse function
2 x 12V 7Ah rechargeable batteries with a run time of 1 hour
Comfortable bucket seat with seatbelt for security
Length – 110.00cm
Width – 77.00cm
Height – 54.00cm
Battery – 1x 12V 7Ah (Included)

Category: Go Karts
Tags: Bestway, Go Kart, Xootz

Pivot, spin and drift with the Xootz Comet Electric Go Kart.

Select your driver mode, put your foot on the throttle and experience an adrenaline fuelled ride. The proper steering wheel gives direct steering to the super-grip EVA front wheels whilst the hardened plastic rear wheels are ideal for drifting round corners. Take your foot off the pedal for automatic braking and switch to reverse to get out of tight spots.

The Xootz Comet Electric Go Kart benefits from a high-torque, maintenance-free 2 x 200W motors powered by 2 rechargeable 12V battery that delivers speeds of up to 16km/h. For comfort and safety, it includes a bucket seat with seatbelt. Available in a stealthy black exterior with white Xootz detailing and black alloys, the Xootz Comet Electric Go Kart takes karting up a level.

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